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This course is designed to continue the training you have already started with your puppy now that he is fully vaccinated and can walk safely in the outside world.

I will continue teaching your puppy how to be a well behaved member of your family.

We will start by reviewing all that we have learnt in puppy class to refresh our knowledge.

On completion of the course, and with your commitment, your puppy will also be able to do the following:

  • Walk nicely on a loose lead
  • Stay in position for increasing time
  • Wait politely at doorways and gates
  • Pass other dogs politely when out walking
  • Remain in position instead of jumping up on people
  • Learn a cool trick!

On completion of the cousre, you will have the following knowledge:

More information on how to respond to changing doggy behaviours like digging, barking, chewing, jumping up

Additional training tools to help manage your puppy as he grows

Changes in health and feeding requirements according to your puppy’s age, breed and lifestyle
More ways to prevent boredom behaviours

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