Puppy Parenting Class (Baby Puppy)

This course is designed for puppies up to 6 months of age and will teach your puppy how to be well behaved and fit into your family environment. I genuinely think this is the most important training class you will ever attend if you get your dog at this young age.

During this early period, your puppy is like a sponge – it is learning and absorbing everything about it’s new environment.  It will learn how to live in your human world.  It doesn’t matter how many dogs you have (or have owned) each dog is an individual and will learn and grow differently.  As with your children, each dog needs it’s own education.

The social learning around other dogs and people in different environments is as important as teaching  good manners behaviours. Give your puppy the best possible chance by attending a Puppy Parenting Course as soon as your puppy  arrives in your home.

Because my classes are run in a safe, disinfected environment, puppies are able to join class after their first vaccination. The first 20 – 24 weeks of a puppy’s life is an important developmental period and the earlier you start training and socialising appropriately the better for your pup.

On completion of the course your puppy will be able to do the following:

  • Respond to his/her name
  • Look at you when asked
  • Come when called – from a short distance initially
  • Sit when asked – for feeding, taking treats, meeting new people
  • Lay quietly on a mat
  • Drop (lay down)
  • Stay when asked for a short period
  • Learn to accept a collar and lead and start walking beside you
  • Leave and exchange items when asked
  • Behave nicely around other dogs
  • Toilet in suitable areas
  • Stop biting when asked
  • Learn a cool trick (at least one!)

On completion of the course, you – as the puppy parent – will have the following knowledge:

  • A greater understanding of how your puppy thinks and learns
  • How to respond to normal doggy behaviours like digging, barking, chewing, jumping up
  • What training tools will help with your individual puppy
  • Puppy health and feeding requirements
  • Dog Laws and how they affect you as a dog guardian
  • Your responsibilities as a dog guardian
  • How to prevent boredom behaviours and provide suitable alternatives

If you want a puppy that you will enjoy, please contact me to book in now!