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big-CatchBall_BlueSoft-low res (17)Catch Ball: Blue Soft $17.50
The nodules on the surface prevent total blockage of a large dogs airways should the ball get stuck in the throat. Catch Ball Blue is suitable as interactive toys for all size dogs. Highly recommended as a play ball for puppies and small dogs. 100% Safe and Non Toxic replacement for tennis balls which can be made from a number of nasty materials and pose a choking hazard.

Nina Ottoson Dog Twister toy


Dog Twister $35.00
A fun treat game for your dog.
The dog is to look foe block after another in a circle
in different directions; the blocks can also be locked in position by a bone-shaped peg on the up-side of the game. There are depressions under the blocks where treats can be hidden….A great way to keep your dog’s mind active and entertained…Helps prevent boredom behaviours.

NIna Ottoson Dog and Cat SpinnyDog and Cat Spinny $35.00
A fun activating rotating treat game for your dog/cat.
Hide some treats in the depressions under the rotating discs.
Let your dog/cat turn the disc with its paw or nose in order to find
the hidden goodies through the hole in the rotating disc.


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