The Dog Lady,  Debi Coleman is a professional trainer working in Orange and surrounding areas of Central West NSW.

Debi teaches a variety of classes for all ages incorporating good manners, behavioural consultations,
temperament assessments and therapy dog training.

Deb’s training is flexible and versatile and caters to the individual needs of every dog and family.


  • 5 Star Reviews
  • Accredited Trainer
  • International Qualifications
  • Nationally Recognised
  • 18+ years in business
  • Voted Australian Pet Dog Trainer of the Year 2017

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Rochelle and 'Ella'

Hey Deb, Firstly, thank you for your time today. We all loved it! It was so much fun and we really got a lot out of it.

I went straight away and bought the harness and the treats that you had recommended. We then walked Ella around the block on her new harness and it was the best walk we have ever had with her! You are a miracle 😁👏🏼👏🏼 

Thanks again Deb. You are wonderful! Rochelle

Brianna and 'Ash'

Hi Debi, Just wanted to check in and thank you for giving us our dog back. With a few small strategies, Ash is back to her happy calm loving self and she hasn’t escaped for over 2 weeks (fingers crossed). We now look forward to our nightly family sniffing walk around our neighbourhood as the highlight to our day and our boys have fully embraced ditching the bowl and filling the kong toys with treats. I also loved hearing you on The Quicky podcast last week and have listened to it a couple of times to refresh any ideas. Thanks again, Brianna

Emma and 'Bella'
I’m Emma an adult with additional special needs & a love of animals. I have been fortunate to have Debi Coleman “The Dog Lady” in my life since “Bella” my beautiful chocolate long-haired Border Collie was a pup, to assist in training her as a Companion Animal for me. Debi came to my home regularly over several months encouraging good behaviour, social skills and expert caring pet management for  “Bella”.
She taught me how to care & train & respect & how to form a bond with my lovely dog who is now my “best friend’.  Debi showed compassion, help & patience in her training role as often she adapted her training methods to enable better outcomes with my additional needs & establish a  wonderful bond between myself & Bella.I know Debi calls herself “The Dog Lady” which is completely true as nothing is too hard for her. I would recommend Debi to any pet owner who needs this expert assistance in pet training.
Thank you Debi for your care,from Emma & Bella!



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