Dog Massage

‘Dog massage (Canine Myofunctional Therapy)  is designed to improve the general health and well -being of dogs at any life stage including  young dogs, adolescent dogs, dogs in competition, adult dogs and senior dogs

Animals benefit from massage tin the same way that humans do.  Massage is a good tool not only for the physical well – being of your dog but also for the emotional and mental well-being as well.  Fearful and anxious dogs can learn to accept touch and build confidence with humans in a non-threatening way.

Benefits of Canine massage include:

      • Eases muscle and joint pain
      • Improves flexibility and balance
      • Improves circulation and immune function
      • Eases tension and anxiety
      • Reduces risk of potential injury
      • Reduced recovery time from injury or illness
      • Increases bond between pet and owner
      • Increases quality of life
      • Increases blood flow
      • Assists with removal of toxins
Massage may also be useful for post operative care and/or injury under the direction of your Veterinarian. Massage may still be applied if your dog has an illness but may need to be adapted. Again this would be completed in consultation with your Veterinarian
Massage can be taught in a small group situation with suitable dogs (max 4-6 dogs) or privately
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